Care after Eyelid Lift Procedures

Because many plastic surgeons perform blepharoplasty procedures in an outpatient setting, you should be prepared for your aftercare. Your eyelid specialist will provide you with a set of instructions. After the eyelid lift, you will first spend some time in recovery. This may vary from 15 min to an hour or two. Once your physical condition allows discharge, you will be released home with a responsible adult. At home, you should have a person with you so that you can rest and recover from the eyelid procedure. It is not important for your caretaker to have a medical background. Rather, he or she should have your well-being in mind.

What to Expect immediately after Blepharoplasty

Dressings are uncommon after eyelid surgery. Initially, you may experience mild to moderate burning of the lids. This discomfort is limited to a few hours. Some blurriness of your vision is common. The post-operative medications provided by your cosmetic surgeon vary but may include antibiotics, pain medications, eye ointment or drops and steroids. Some plastic surgeons recommend the use of homeopathic Arnica Montana for faster recovery. Scientific evidence for the usefulness of this remedy is slim although some surgeons report anecdotal success.

Will there be Swelling and Bruising after Eyelid Surgery?

Yes. There is no way of performing a good eyelid lift procedure without recovery. The area around the eyes is characterized by a rich blood supply, thin skin and a tendency to retain fluid. Therefore, “black and blue” is sometimes observed even after minimal facial trauma involving other areas than the eyes. The extent of discoloration and swelling varies from patient to patient and from procedure to procedure but some swelling and bruising are normal aspects of every blepharoplasty recovery process. This phase of the recovery is temporary and you can minimize the swelling by keeping your head elevated, even at nighttime. Icing of the eye region is employed for a speedy recovery. After a few days, warm compresses can promote faster resolution of the remaining bruises. In order to support your recovery, you should avoid exercise, straining, heavy lifting, alcohol and spicy food early on after an eyelid lift.

Will I have a lot of Pain after Blepharoplasty?

After a few hours, the eyelids are virtually painless. The lids will feel heavy and some patients report a sense of tightness. Many patients will not require prescription pain medications except for the first night. In fact, the sudden onset of increased pain combined with new swelling is unusual and should prompt you to notify your plastic surgeon.

When can I return to work?

After a couple of days, you will feel well enough for light office work at home. But you probably will not feel comfortable yet to present yourself to other people. In general, a recovery of 10 to 12 days may be necessary for puffiness and bruising to be faded. Although healing is not complete, with the help of some make-up and glasses, many patients are able to return to usual professional and social activities.

When can I exercise after blepharoplasty?

Some mild activities such as walking outside should be acceptable early on in the recovery process. Exercise has to wait for a few weeks; ask your surgeon about his specific regimen. Anything that will significantly increase the blood pressure and the heart rate such as heavy lifting etc. may lead to an increase of swelling and could add to the bruising.

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