Facial Analysis for Eyelid Lifts

Before any procedure can be successfully performed, conducting a comprehensive facial examination is of utmost importance. Although it may appear, that examination limited to the eyelids may be sufficient; this facial analysis needs to include the entire face. It is this phase of planning when gates for success are set. Keeping in mind that a casual observer does not focus on the eyes in isolation but experiences the face in unison, it is a balanced and attractive facial enhancement that is the final goal of blepharoplasty surgery. If analyzing the face is omitted as a step or performed without accuracy, the best outcome cannot be achieved. And the overall outcome of the eyelid lift will differ depending on the cosmetic surgeon’s aesthetic sense.

Thorough Examination of the Face Comes First

The methodical plastic surgeon will evaluate your facial anatomy including assessment of your bone structure. This includes the curve of the forehead, prominence of eyebrow ridges, depth of your eye socket, configuration of your cheek bone and under-eye skeleton. And even the anatomy of the jaw plays a role in the overall aesthetic analysis.

Assessment of the Eye Brow and Upper Lid Complex

No upper eyelid procedure can be accurately planned and performed without evaluating the anatomy and position of the eyebrows.

Are the brows in an accurate position or are they too low or too high? The brows commonly descend throughout the years contributing to a droopy and tired appearance. If the role of the brow position to the cosmetic concerns is not recognized beforehand, the result of an eyelid lift may be disappointing.

What is the shape of the brows: attractively arched, slanting upward or downward towards the sides? The eyebrows vary greatly in the shape and position from person to person. The attractive brow is arched in a way where the highest point is positioned over the outer corner of the eye. Some people have a straight brow line. Commonly, the “brow tails” (outward ends of the eyebrows) become more droopy than the inner aspects which may contribute to excess upper lid skin folds.

Differences of Brow Position – Masculinity and Femininity

The eyebrows contribute to gender associated facial features: In woman the brows are classically higher with the brow ridge shining underneath the sides of the brows accentuating the eyebrow’s attractive convex arch. This gives the female face a soft and pleasant appearance. In males, the brows are usually at the bone, therefore much lower than in females. The brows descent in women contributes to the overall more male look that is considered by most unattractive.

Definition of the Upper Eyelids

An attractive upper eyelid complex has good definition with show of the lids and eye lashes – but it does not look hollow. An eyelid lift can improve this definition by removing excess skin which creates prominent folds and wrinkling. Commonly, eyelid fat pockets can be sculpted in order to achieve more definition. Yet, the goal is not to remove all the fat present; rather to reduce what is excess and leave behind what is not. Such a rather artistic approach prevents a hollow eye socket, the tell-tale sign of aging and previous cosmetic eye surgery.

Softness of the Lower Eyelids

A youthful lower eyelid has a smooth transition into the cheek region without prominent mounts or valleys in between. Puffiness of the under-eye area and “dark circles” are commonly associated with being tired. Advanced understanding of modern facial aesthetics brought us to appreciate the importance of this lower lid cheek region for a natural youthful look. Today, removal of fat to make the “eye bags” go away is suboptimal treatment for many patients. Commonly, a combination of gentle reduction of prominent fat and volume enhancement for the depressions underneath provides superior results.

Full Cheeks Boost the Eyes

Just like a beautiful frame will support and enhance a painting, the cheeks play a role in enhancing the eyes. Eyes that are surrounded by flat cheek bones and droopy cheeks may continue to look exhausted despite an eyelid lift.

In summary, comprehensive understanding of the features of beautiful eyes and the requirement for adequate balance with the surrounding facial features (eyebrows, cheeks etc) is paramount for successfully planning a blepharoplasty procedure.

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