Eye brows and Lids

The upper eyelids and eyebrows are closely married in a facial cosmetic unit: No upper eyelid procedure should be planned without assessment of the brows. It is very common for people to be concerned about their upper eyelid appearance. They may believe that their concerns are adequately addressed with a “simple” eyelid lift. But after a thorough evaluation, one gains insight into the eyebrows’ important role for upper eyelid rejuvenation. Not everybody “needs” a browlift but not having assessed the brows before an upper eyelid lift is performed maybe a mistake. A low brow position leads to a stern facial appearance and contributes to the droopy upper eye appearance.

The eye brows are relatively easy to assess: in front of a mirror, relax your forehead muscles (horizontal forehead furrows should be flat) and see where your natural eyebrow position is. Now, use three fingers and gently raise the brows a little bit and maybe a little more until you like the new position. If you lifted your brows by more than a quarter of an inch, you may benefit from a browlift.

Woman may Look Masculine

Because of sex-specific differences in eyebrow shape and height, women with low brows lose some of the gender-specific attributes of the upper face. An attractive female face usually shows the eyebrow “tails” well above the bone rims of the eye socket. This creates a soft and feminine facial feature that is sometimes lost due to age-related droopiness of the eyebrows. The brow position differs from one person to the other. Some young women start off with relatively low brows. In these specific instances, even a relatively slight descent can be enough to result in brows that are too low.

On the other hand, if man with brows that are too high start look feminine – usually a rather unattractive and undesirable result. Because of this interesting gender-associated feature of the brows, brow lifts represent a common facial procedure within a gender re-assignment program in transsexuals.

Enhancement of Eyebrow Shape

The shape of eyebrows may change with time. Most commonly, the nice-looking arched eyebrow is replaced by a horizontal, almost straight brow shape. Sometimes, the outer aspects of the eye brows become very droopy resulting in hooding of the upper eyelids and appearance of excess skin. Without excessive change of the appearance, a browlift can help to restore some of the lost shape.

Softer Look of the Upper Eye Region

In addition, during a browlift, frown lines between the eyebrows and deeper horizontal forehead creases can be reduced for a long-lasting softening of these areas. In most cases, an eyebrow lift is performed only once reflecting a good longevity of this procedure. Various browlift techniques exist including an endoscopic browlift, hairline browlift, coronal browlift and temporal browlift. In men, a mid-forehead browlift is sometimes performed. These different techniques vary according to incision line placement, impact on the hairline and reliability.

Brow Lift through Eyelid Lift Incision

Sometimes, a moderate eyebrow lift can be achieved through an advanced eyelid lift approach. Although not suitable for everybody, this can lead to enough brow elevation to further enhance the end-result of the eyelid lift.

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